Video editing I

Editing video, i.e. trimming, converting, etc., are often required to present scientific results. Finding good software to do this is often a challenge, therefore I will list free software that I find useful. Today’s pick is Freemake Video Converter, capable of trimming and converting you video without adding watermarks. Watch out during the installation process at it tries to install a ton of additional software on your computer.


For the article “Impulsive ankle push-off powers leg swing in human walking” coming up in the 4. issue of the Journal of Experimental Biology we have generated an animation to illustrate our findings:

DARPA Robotics Challenge

The US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is running its Robotics Challenge to boost disaster relieve robotics. The first trials of a set of amazing robots, some more, some less, from university and corporate teams mostly from the US but also from abroad, are taking place in Florida this weekend. This event, starting December 20th, 2013 will most likely generate some great footage all over the web. Check it out!

New Publication

Our recent work titled “Impulsive ankle push-off powers leg swing in human walking” has finally been accepted by the Journal of Experimental Biology. Watch for the first 2014 issue!