Don’t break a leg

The control objective for bipedal gait is a matter of debate in the biomechanics community. Model driven studies suggested stability in the sense of aiming for returning to a previous steady-state after perturbation. Experiments with birds, the largest population of bipedal animals, in combination with a simulation study suggests that the control objective might be something else. Check out our new article in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

Coverage II

The press release made it to India, taken up by Press Trust of India (PTI) and published by “The Free Press Journal” from Mumbai, though quite exaggerating. The Indian “Business Standard” and “TruthDive“covered the story, too. The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society shared the story on Facebook and the Chinese “TransMed” said something about it. It can be found on the UK-based Aso-robotics blog, RadioAllen in Chile, Russian “Science in the 21st century’“, and Croatian “” and on “Robotics Tomorrow“.


For the article “Impulsive ankle push-off powers leg swing in human walking” coming up in the 4. issue of the Journal of Experimental Biology we have generated an animation to illustrate our findings: